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TCH Group

The TCH Industrial Group is specialized in manufacturing of Turbo and Powertrain products and components. The Group has a leading position in Europe as a tier 1 and tier 2 supplier in the automotive sector. The Group is operating in 3 plants located in Europe and Asia.

The footprint underlines the Group’s close cooperation with key customers and gives access to growing markets. TCH is focusing on production excellence based on sophisticated technological know-how and design capabilities with proven competence and experience in product design & optimization.

The Group has developed a strong process specialization and competencies on a complex sequence of manufacturing activities.

Main shareholder is Palladio Finanziaria; a minority stake is also owned by some managers.

Group targets

To become n°1 supplier of components for the turbocharging segment to Tier 1 suppliers, with a global industrial footprint

Be among Top 5 in market share (EU) for powertrain products

Enlarge customers' portfolio

Improve competitive position and operating margins through economies of scale throughout the entire value chain

Focus on

Customer service


First Class Engineering support

Production optimization

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