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in the automotive industry

A Group with organized, flexible and dynamic structure

With over 40 years of experience, Cogeme Group has world class manufacturing facilities providing high precision mechanical solutions. The company portfolio includes a wide range of products for several Automotive applications. Focus of the Group is on Turbochargers and Powertrain markets, for which innovative manufacturing processes are needed to meet Customers technical challenge. Agile structure, lean production, differentiated and competitive solutions are the key factors for the company success and growing business. Stainless steel, brass, aluminum and nickel-based alloys belong to Cogeme material know-how.

More than 40 years
of experience in the automotive industry



Product portfolio is composed mainly by the most critical elements of the Turbochargers and Injection Systems. Tight tolerances, high quality and strict cleanliness parameters are the key features requested by the Customers. To guarantee the respect of the same, Cogeme has world class equipment in the laboratories and shop floors of the whole Group. Cogeme technologies and know-how cover a wide range of products dimension (from Ø 4mm up to 150mm), raw material alloys and type (bar, blank, tube, wire).

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We design and customize our processes to realize products at the highest quality level, as requested by our Customers and the Automotive Standards

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