From engineering
to end product:
a process of excellence

Rely on our cutting edge approach and carefully chosen materials

Let’s make things
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Providing product solutions with the same or improved functionalities at a considerably lower weight, we make a change for a better, lighter future. Lighter cars, less emissions, a happier environment.

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Our Brand

TCH Industrial Group covers an important part in the automotive value chain through:

The Cogeme brand, active as a Tier 2 component supplier thanks to its product portfolio made up mainly by Turbocharger and Powertrain components and sub-assemblies.

High precision mechanical solutions

Cogeme was established in the 1974 and since 1991 is focused on the realization of high precision solutions. Cogeme is a Group with organized, flexible and dynamic structure. Currently operates in 3 plants located in Italy, Romania and India in accordance with the highest quality standards. Its main processes are machining, forming, forging and assembly.

Our clients